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Maximize Your Real Estate ROI: Insights From Local Pro @ RE/MAX

Maximizing Your Real Estate ROI With Local Pro

Making an investment is a crucial decision. We want to be sure we get our money’s worth. Most people do not understand how complex the real estate world is. Without a professional’s help, you might be making rash decisions. Of course, we want to avoid these mistakes. When we invest our money, we want to get something to get out of it. We want to maximize the benefits. As you explore the real estate world, work with Joe Soto. Joe Soto is a realtor expert based in Wheaton, Illinois, for RE/MAX Suburban areas; call us at (630) 391-0264. You can also reach out to us through email

Joe is a natural at helping people. We understand how our clients want a return on investment all the time. Whether it is your first time buying a home or you are an experienced investor, Joe Soto can guide you. Let us help you in selling your home. Read more about us by visiting our FAQs page. Our website also includes client reviews.

Different Ways To Improve Your Real Estate ROI

One of the biggest worries of many investors is how their investment will grow. This is the most important factor to consider. Before you decide on investing, you need to consider your real estate ROI. If you do not know how to come up with this, a professional can help you. 

There are different ways to make money in the real estate work. Investing in residential properties is one sure way to build your wealth. You can diversify your portfolio by owning residential roi properties. But, again, how do you maximize your profits? Residential properties are a good investment, but how do you do it? You do not simply invest and take a backseat after investing. You need strategies that will boost your property. This will ensure you are getting the best return on investment (ROI) you could have. 

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1. Build A Marketing Strategy With Quality

Whatever the type of home you are investing in, there are different ways to make more money from it. Boost your rental and real estate return on investment by having a strong marketing strategy. As an investor and property owner, you need to market-wise. Your home must be out there and seen by many people as possible. Otherwise, you cannot secure the right tenants for your property. Remember that tenants can be stressful too. If you cannot find anyone interested in your property, you will have to endure long vacancies. 

As an investor, nobody wants that. You want tenants you can trust—those who can be responsible for taking care enough of your property. We want tenants who can pay on time. 

The traditional way to invite people is to put up signs. You would usually see these signs on a public market. But, these strategies are not effective as it was before. We have online platforms where you can reach more people. Quality marketing will always be the backbone of a successful business. One thing you should know is that quality property pictures matter. Sometimes, your smartphone is not enough. You can always hire a professional photographer. 

A professional who will do justice for your property. They know well about the lighting and framing. It would be best to hire someone who has experience with real estate photography.  After getting the photos, upload them online. Make sure to include all the necessary details in the description before you put it up for listing. 

You can also try uploading it on your social media accounts. This gives your property more engagement. You can reach out to more potential tenants as soon as possible. This means lesser waiting time for you as a rental property owner.

Remember that staying on top of quality is the key to marketing. If we want successful real estate ROI, we need smart plans. Make sure you list your property as it is top-notch. This gives you more audience. 

2. A Thorough Tenant Screening

Problematic tenants make the experience stressful. There are tenants who do not pay on time. There are tenants who cause great damage to your property. This causes you to eat up your profits. Instead of benefitting from their payments, you gain more work. If it reaches a point you need to evict them, the process can be long too. This is why paying special attention to your prospective tenants is a must. You need to keep your property in good condition. We want somebody who can pay on time. Evicting tenants will also mean investing more time and money. It would take time before you finish the process. 

Joe Soto can help you in screening your possible tenants. The tenant screening process should include the following:

  • Tenant history checks
  • Background checks
  • Criminal records
  • Employment checks

3. A Competitive Pricing For Rentals

Your rental rates can either make or break your ROI. Of course, we all want to earn big from our investments. But, as they say, take it one step at a time. An expensive rent will be ignored by the market. Too cheap can seem unbelievable to many. This is how realtors can help you. They can give you suggestions on how to price your property for rentals. You do not want to lose any potential income during vacation, right?

You can always look at the rental rates online. For beginners, most real estate investors use rental comps. They compare their rental rates to other rental properties. Make sure to check the properties within the same neighborhood. You do not want to set a price that is too high. 

Other people would prefer your competitor’s properties by then. Low profits might not make an ROI for us after all. You can always consider the amenities your property offers. You could add this to the pricing for your rental. Make a great comparison with other properties around the area. Before you put your property out on the market, consider the important factors. 

Some investors start their rate high and adjust it later. If nobody calls after you list your property, you might be charging too high. If your phone doesn’t stop ringing, you might need to rethink your price. 

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4. Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

What’s the better way to invest? It is to always make improvements to your home’s appearance. How your home looks like will attract more potential tenants. Aesthetics are a core factor if you want to have ROI in real estate. 

Tenants judge your home on how it looks from the outside. They set their expectations on how your home appears from the outside. This is why investing in the exterior is a must. You need to work on it and ensure your home looks top-notch.

Here are some pointers to improve your home’s curb appeal:

  • Take care of your lawn by trimming the shrubs and mowing the grass
  • Rake the dead leaves
  • Paint your front door with a bold color
  • Update your old mailbox with a new one
  • Clean the inside and outside of your gutters
  • Power wash the door of your garage
  • Take care of repairs before accepting any potential tenants to visit

Keeping it neat will leave a good impression on potential tenants. It will make them interested in your property. A well-maintained property makes them think the rental price is worth it.

5. Providing A Pleasant Experience

Once you are done with the exterior, it is time to proceed with the interior. Get the attention of quality renters through good interiors. You need to prepare the house for rental property showings later on. You can always begin with the basics. Clean the whole house and make it as spotless as possible. Raising your property’s value is okay if they see it as well-maintained. You are setting high expectations for possible tenants as well. Not every property can offer a good interior. 

Your property should have an inviting atmosphere. One way to do this is by using natural light. Open the blinds and freshen up. Use subtle scents to create a vibe for your home. Avoid overdoing it because strong scents can get irritating. Make sure you pick a scent that is both pleasing and inviting. A smell that would make them come back.

Joe Soto is a real estate professional you can trust. Do you want to maximize your ROI? Hire Joe Soto. If you are worrying that your property is in the suburbs, you do not have to. Joe Soto will always make it work. We can help you find the best tenants who can take care well of your property. To serve you better, call us at (630) 391-0264 or send us an email. We are the top-producing real estate agent in DuPage and Kane County. Make wise investments with our company’s help. We will be there to help you with the process. Meet the amazing team of Joe. Selling your house is now easier with Joe Soto’s guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything above 15% ROI is considered a great investment, and 10% or better on rental properties is considered a good ROI. In fact, most experts believe that the average real estate ROI ranges between 9% and 10%, with commercial real estate ROI frequently exceeding 11%.

To maximize your ROI, you must concentrate on two things: making wise investments and minimizing costs. Making wise investments entails selecting projects or activities with a high likelihood of success. To accomplish this, you must conduct research and comprehend your target audience and market. 

ROI is an abbreviation for return on investment. And in this case, it is comparing the amount of money your company spends on marketing campaigns to the amount of revenue generated by those campaigns. Marketing ROI solutions that are unrivaled in the industry.

The amount invested, the rate of return, the length of time an investment is held, taxes and fees, inflation, and market volatility are all factors that influence ROI. When calculating and measuring ROI, businesses should take into account all of these factors.

Increase your sales and revenues, or raise your prices, to increase your return on investment. You’ve improved your return if you can increase sales and revenues without increasing costs or only increasing costs enough to gain a net profit.

According to the Appraisal Institute, the highest and best use is “the reasonably probable and legal use of vacant land or an improved property that is physically possible, appropriately supported, financially feasible, and results in the highest value.” To determine that use, appraisers typically employ four tests.