The Value Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House

The Value Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House

Sell Your House With The Best Realtor Near You

More people buy and sell homes every day, and the prices of those homes keep going up. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is whether or not to buy or sell your house. That’s why you need someone who has done work like this before. When you hire Jose Soto, you’ll benefit from his years of experience, business knowledge, and real estate agent certification. Call (630) 391-0264 to set up an appointment and let a top realtor help you.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House

You should list yourself as the owner of your home. But if you want to sell your home, a real estate agent can help you in many ways. Here are some reasons why you should work with a real estate agent:

1. Eye-Catching Listing

When you hire an agent, you will list your home on their website and in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). These are massive databases that real estate agents and potential buyers can use to look at active listings. You will also share your listing on social media and on websites like Zillow. All of this attention is free advertising for you!

2. They Know How To Price It Right

The knowledge and experience of an experienced agent will allow them to set the right price for your home. Something that could take months or even years to learn on your own. This means they will increase the number of people who see your listing. As a result, it has a better chance of selling quickly and at the best price for both parties.

3. They Know How To Present It Properly

Realtors understand how to make a house look its best in order to sell it. They’ll bring in more furniture and decorations to match what’s already in the room. They will also ensure the space is attractive enough to attract buyers. This helps keep people from looking at the home’s flaws or structural problems. Or set it up so that people who might buy it look at what’s good instead of what could be better.

Sell Your House To Potential Buyers
Sell Your House To Potential Buyers

4. Identify Potential Buyers

They can also help you find buyers actively looking for homes like yours. This is a significant benefit of working with an agent. Trying to sell a property that no one wants or overpricing it is the most frustrating thing that can happen. You think it will sell for more than it actually will. If you hire them, on the other hand, they can help you find buyers who are looking for properties like yours. That means they’ll be able to sell it quickly and for the right price.

5. Responsible For Negotiating The Sale Price

Working with an agent is also helpful because they are in charge of negotiating the sale price. Yes, if you know how much house you can afford, how much people are willing to pay for it, and how much similar homes have sold for recently. Try to work out the sale price on your own. But this is a lot harder to do than it looks. A Trulia survey found that only 15% of sellers could get the best price for their home on their own.

6. Familiar With The Area

Even if you know your neighborhood like the back of your hand, it’s still a good idea to ask for directions. A real estate agent who lives in the area knows more about the people who live there and how they get along. They will also be able to find things you didn’t even know existed, such as the closest schools, parks, and grocery stores.

7. Handle All The Paperwork And Legal Issues

Another good reason to use an agent is that they can handle all the paperwork and legal issues that come with selling a home. This is very helpful for people who need to learn more about real estate law. After all, there are laws to follow when selling a home, such as property disclosure and others.

8. It Can Be Time-Consuming

You know that it takes time to sell your home on your own. Finding the right buyer, negotiating with buyers, and closing the sale are all parts of the process.

Finding the proper “realtor hiring near me” will give you more time to care for other things. A good agent will show you what to do and handle all the paperwork. When it comes to selling a home, timing is everything.

If a buyer has found the perfect house but needs to sell their current one first, they might only buy yours if they have enough time to finish everything before the date they want to move in or close. You can ensure that your home sells quickly and without problems if you hire an agent who has done this before.

Choose A Real Estate Agent
Choose A Real Estate Agent

Things To Think About Before Choosing A Real Estate Agent

You can sell your home with the help of a real estate agent. But they are not the same. Some people have more knowledge and experience than others, so choose based on what you know.

Before you hire a real estate agent, think about the following:

  • What’s Your Goal?

Because many agents focus on just one part of a deal, make sure yours knows about both. If you want to buy a house, ensure they can help you find one and get a loan. If you want to sell your home, ensure your rental real estate agent has experience with staging and getting homes ready to sell. This can help ensure that your home will still look good when you list it again if it doesn’t sell the first time.

  • Do You Trust Them?

Since you will be asking your agent for advice, try to find someone you can trust. Think about whether this person has your best interests in mind. Also, if they just want to make money quickly, if you feel uncomfortable with them, keep looking.

  • Do You Know All The Details Of The Sale?

Homes in good condition and at a low price sell quickly. Some take longer to sell than others because they need repairs or because the sellers want more than the market will bear. Before you sell your home, an agent can help you figure out how much it’s worth and suggest ways to improve it.

  • Can You Work With Them?

Suppose they want to avoid hearing your ideas or needs. Then you can’t use them as an agent. You want to find someone who will work with you. Not just someone who tells you what they think is best for them and expects you to agree with them without question or complaint.

  • How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

An agent can be beneficial if you want to get your desired price. But selling it yourself is a good idea if you want to make a little money from the sale or even break even. (Remember that when many people sell their homes, they lose money.)

Selling your home on your own will save you money. But a significant factor is how much time, work, and stress you’re willing to put up with. Suppose you don’t want to or don’t have the time to sell your home. An experienced one may be a good choice, even if it costs a little more.

  • Do They Have Experience?

Look for a real estate agent who has sold homes in the area where you want to buy or sell a home. A realtor in the area knows how long it takes to sell homes there. Also, what price likely attracts buyers looking for properties like yours? Someone from out of town may know less about the area. They have yet to see as many homes for sale that are like this one.

Sell Your House In The Right Price
Sell Your House In The Right Price
  • Can You Choose Your Listing Price?

An agent might know how much your property is worth, but it’s up to you to make the final decision. If you sell for less than they thought you would, you should be bold and talk to them. Find out if they can think of ways to make the deal better for you.

  • Are They Willing To Put In The Time And Effort?

You don’t want to pay a real estate agent for a “quick flip” or a one-time listing. You want to be with someone who will always be there for you. Also, a person who cares about your well-being and your own.

  • Can They Get Your Property Seen/Listed?

The more exposure your property receives, the more likely it is to sell. You want someone to market your property and list it everywhere. This includes agents in other cities (if selling) or listings on various websites (if buying).

As you can see, getting a home real estate agent is a good idea. They will make it easy and stress-free to sell your home, which we could all use. Because they have so many tools, they can guide you carefully through the selling process. So, if you want to sell your home, you should contact a real estate agent immediately!

Joe Soto is one of the best real estate agents who helps his clients get the most money for their homes. I promise to always give you the most up-to-date information about the market. Call (630) 391-0264 to set up a meeting and learn more about the best way to sell your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are capable of detecting potential problems. It is beneficial for homeowners to ensure that their home is in good condition in order to attract more buyers and sell the property faster and for a higher price. The same is true for buyers looking for a home in good condition that requires few or no repairs.


The seller’s agent typically earns 2.50% of the home price, while the buyer’s agent earns 2.41%, for a total commission of 4.91%. The split in realtor commission is not fixed. It is up to you, as the seller, to decide how much commission to pay the listing and buyer’s agents.


If you are buying, a local agent will know the best neighborhoods, schools, and amenities in the area. If you are selling, they will also be aware of the average market price and trends in the area. A local agent will always have useful information for their clients at their fingertips.


Agents who charge less than 1%+VAT raise our suspicions. Agents who charge more than 2%+VAT for sole agency must be able to show something exceptional. Agents charging 1%-2%+VAT for sole agency are actually pretty good value for money (as long as they’re the best agent for the job).


Closing costs are split up between buyer and seller. While the buyer usually pays the majority of the closing costs, the seller is usually responsible for their share of local taxes and municipal fees.


Taking clients through the process of buying, selling, or renting. They are promoting their services. Keeping in touch with clients and other real estate agents.


It is critical to network as a real estate professional. While selling homes, you will interact with a variety of people, including investors, vendors, and inspectors. Keep their contact information on file because you never know when you might need wise real estate advice.


Methods for determining the value of your home include:

  1. Enter your address into a home value estimator. 
  2. Ask an agent for a free comparative market analysis. 
  3. Check your county or municipal auditor’s website. 
  4. Identify trends with the FHFA House Price Index calculator. 
  5. Hire a professional appraiser.

The 70% rule assists home flippers in determining the most they should pay for an investment property. Essentially, they should spend no more than 70% of the home’s after-repair value minus renovation costs.